What is Paperstac?

How Paperstac works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Paperstac is a Note Investor's solution for sourcing notes, selling notes, and conducting the closing process. From purchasing your first note to selling your 100th note, we've got you covered.

What Can I Do With Paperstac?

If you're a note buyer, you can use Paperstac in the following manner:

  • Set up a saved search for your desired notes and let them come to you, saving you time.

  • You can reach direct sellers of notes quickly and easily. There is no need to try to network, call banks or hedge funds, or find someone who knows a guy. Over 700 registered sellers are on the site.

  • Filter to precisely what you're looking to purchase: When trying to source the old-fashioned way, you get what you get and hope there is something that meets your buy box—not here. Use our search filters to find the exact note you want to purchase.

  • Close in a digital manner: Everything on Paperstac is done digitally, from negotiations, file sharing, and communication to filling out the closing documents. We've taken what used to take weeks of back and forth and streamlined the process so that a first-time note buyer can purchase for a large hedge with the confidence of knowing - they will get it right each step of the way.

  • Protect your money in escrow: We offer an escrow product in our closings that protects your money while a 3rd party reviews the collateral documents provided by the seller. If you're unsatisfied with what you discover in the collateral verification step, you can cancel or renegotiate the deal. All while you know your funds sit safely in an escrow account.

  • Collateral Verification process: As mentioned above, we offer collateral verification by an outside third party. They will review what was sent, physically go through the documents, and provide color copies for you to review.

  • Automatic Servicing Transfer: At the end of a transaction, we'll alert your Servicer that you've bought the note(s). We will provide them with all the pertinent information they need to board your new note purchase successfully.


Investors with saved searches are more likely to close on a good deal than those who don't because they will know the instance in the note is listed

for sale and can make the first offer.

Who Uses Paperstac?

Professional note investors who run multi-million dollar funds, real estate investors who have switched to being a note investor, investors looking for passive income streams, land investors looking to recapitalize their note creation, creative financiers who have established notes on terms and want to sell that note for some money now instead of later.

It's anyone who is looking for a safe passive investment that offers better returns than you can find in many places.

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