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Merging Transactions
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While in a transaction with the same counterparty on two or more transactions, you can merge your transactions into one pool transaction.

Merging transactions saves money & resources.

How Merging Transactions Saves Money:

If multiple transactions combined total is less than $25K, combining them requires one $250 fee INSTEAD of multiple fees of $250.

This is also true if escrow has been chosen on multiple transactions. Instead of multiple escrow fees, you'll have one fee for all purchased assets.

How Merging Transactions Saves Resources:

Pooling notes allows for the signing of 1 purchase sale agreement, one servicing transfer, one shipment to the auditor, and one collateral shipment at the close of the transaction.

How to Merge Transactions:

In a transaction with other transactions with the same counterparty, look above the timeline for the text labeled: Combine Your Transactions.

Below each presented transaction; you'll see a link labeled "Import Transaction".

You can do this for each transaction you'd like to merge into one transaction.

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