Not only do you get to use our modern transaction engine, but we've also tried to include any real-world costs that are a part of any note transaction (online or offline) into a single cost-effective fee.  Every transaction on Paperstac includes the following:

  • Holding Account Integration ($890 value*)
    Paperstac handles all fund transfers during the closing process to protect both parties. Buyer will wire funds to Paperstac, instead of sending funds directly to seller or an expensive 3rd party escrow service.  Once the deal is complete, and both parties have signed the disbursement agreement, Paperstac will release the funds to the seller.
  • Collateral Audit Report
    A collateral audit report from a 3rd party vendor is also provided. The audit consists of analyzing the seller's physical collateral file and determining the authenticity of what is included (original note, mortgage, title policy, etc).
  • Express Shipping
    Paperstac provides express shipping labels for both the shipment of the collateral file from the seller to the auditor, and from the auditor to the buyer.
  • eNotarization
    Get a digital notarization (valid in all 50 states) on the Assignment of Mortgage via an interactive video chat with an online notary.  Not only is a eNotarization more convenient than visiting a traditional notary, but it is also more secure!
  • eSignature Service
    Paperstac provides a convenient electronic signature service for all documents.

*Holding Account Integration value based on $100,000 purchase price using service.

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