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Paperstac’s My Feed gives users an enhanced efficiency with transactions and communications on the platform.

Below we breakdown the features you as a Paperstac user would want to know to best use the site.

Layout Options:

My Feed has two different layouts - list view and column view.

In the list view you have an overview of all of your transactions at once.

To enter a transaction in list view click a transaction. This opens that transaction where you can communicate, complete todos and share documents.

In Transaction Options:

While in a transaction you are given options in the top right of the screen giving you the ability to star, share the transaction, archive, delete, abandon, add a transaction fee and block your counter-party.

The column view is great for jumping through transactions fast. Transactions open to the right of the screen allowing you to access what you need to do for each transaction and quickly jump to the next one.

Smart Search Technology:

My Feed also has enhanced search capabilities using Paperstac's smart search technology. You can search by the following metrics:

  1. Counter-party's Display Name

  2. Address of the asset(s)

  3. Closing Phase (Negotiations, Closing, Complete & Abandoned)

Predetermined Filters:

In the column view, you have four filters to the left of the transactions. The filters are the following:

  1. Starred - Any transaction that you have starred previously will show up here. R

  2. Unviewed - If there is a message by your counter-party ad you have not seen it, that transaction will show up in this filter

  3. Has To-Do's - If you have active To-Do's that you have not completed, those transactions will show up here.

  4. View Archive - Any transaction that either you archived or was auto-archived by the Paperstac platform will show up in this filter.

Managing Multiple Accounts:

For those users that have multiple accounts, it's now easier to switch between each account. Toggle between accounts and handle any actions that may be needed on each account.

Bulk Actions:

For those that like to maintain a clean feed area, you have the options to bulk delete or bulk archive.

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